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Medika Plaza established in 1998 has experiences in the medical services area, especially in the Oil and Gas Company in Indonesia. Medika Plaza has 4 core product which is called the 4M Product e.g. 1). Medical Center (MCU); 2). Medical Site; 3). Medical Evacuation; and 4). Medical Administration Services.

Medika Plaza has developed a First Aid Training program as a part of the Medical Site. The First Aid Training Program in Medika Plaza has been developed based on the decree of the Ministry of Manpower & Transmigration Republic of Indonesia Number : PER. 15/MEN/VIII/2008 on " Pertolongan Pertama pada Kecelakaan di tempat Kerja". Medika Plaza’s First Aid Training Program refers to the American Heart Association as the standard, and Red Cross, St John Ambulance and other references in developing other related topics.

First Aid Training has been developed based on the curriculum as the regulation and requirement in the Clients. It supports the risk and condition on hazards in their work place area. The training covers theory, practice and simulation. It will expose the participants in a real situation should an situation emergency. 

The Training will be delivered in Indonesian and / or English based on the Client request. Medika Plaza has developed and implemented training on BLS Class, FAT Basic (Level 1), FAT Intermediate (Level 2), FAT Advance (Level 3). 

Medika Plaza is registered as PJK3 (Perusahaan Jasa Kesehatan Keselamatan Kerja) based on the decree of the Ministry of Manpower, the Republic of Indonesia No. SKP. 79 /NAKER-BINWASK3/PJK3/2016 on Penunjukan Perusahaan Jasa Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja Direktur Jendral Pembinaan Pengawasan Ketenagakerjaan dan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja.


1/2 Day
  • BLS class
  • Max 15 Persons / Class
  • Duration 3-4 Hours


1 Days
  • FAT Basic
  • Max 15 Person / Class
  • Duration 6-8 Hours


2 Days
  • FAT Intermediate
  • Max 15 People / Class
  • Duration 12-16 Hours


3 Days
  • FAT Advanced
  • Max 15 Person / Class
  • Duration 22-24 Hours

• BLS class - CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

This half day program class which focuses on skills needed to save life. The course teaches adult CPR and AED use, as well as how to relieve choking in adult and also recovery position.

Course duration 3-4 hours. 

• First Aid Training Basic (Level 1)

This course will teach participants everyday first aid skills which are valuable when accidents happen around home and office. The course focuses on key life-saving skills, provides opportunity to learn first aid for the most common injuries and emergency medical situations, and is under pinned by relevant theory. This program is excellent choice for both the community and workplace setting.

Course duration 6-8 hours (1 day)

First Aid Training Intermediate (Level 2)

Equip yourself with valuable skills when accident happens around the community and workplace. This course covers all common injuries and illness that can occur in the standard office workplace and designed to meet workspace requirement as outlined in most Health, Safety, and Environment department. The training is designed for corporate or individuals who work at remote area without immediate access to medical facilities.

Course duration 12-16 hours (2 days)

First Aid Training Advanced (Level 3)

Course base on request (3 days)

2016 Training Schedule 

First Aid Basic (Level One)

        11 August 2016 

        8 September 2016 

        6 October 2016 

        10 November 2016 

        8 December 2016

First Aid Intermediate (Level Two)

        25-26 August 2016 

        21-22 September 2016 

        19-20 October 2016 

        23-24 November 2016 

        21-22 December 2016

All courses are held from 8:00AM - 4:30PM

We also can schedule special classes as needed as long as at least 6 participants register.

For further information, please contact our marketing

at 021 – 30027070 Ext 179



ela.herawati@medikaplaza.com or medsite.trainer@medikaplaza.com

FAT 2016

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